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by Booth Tarkington
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Chapter I. A Boy and His Dog
Chapter II. Romance
Chapter III. The Costume
Chapter IV. Desperation
Chapter V. The Pageant of the Table Round
Chapter VI. Evening
Chapter VII. Evils of Drink
Chapter VIII. School
Chapter IX. Soaring
Chapter X. Uncle John
Chapter XI. Fidelity of a Little Dog
Chapter XII. Miss Rennsdale Accepts
Chapter XIII. The Smallpox Medicine
Chapter XIV. Maurice Levy's Constitution
Chapter XV. The Two Families
Chapter XVI. The New Star
Chapter XVII. Retiring from the Show Business
Chapter XVIII. Music
Chapter XIX. The Inner Boy
Chapter XX. Brothers of Angels
Chapter XXI. Rupe Collins
Chapter XXII. The Imitator
Chapter XXIII. Coloured Troops in Action
Chapter XXIV. "Little Gentleman"
Chapter XXV. Tar
Chapter XXVI. The Quiet Afternoon
Chapter XXVII. Conclusion of the Quiet Afternoon
Chapter XXVIII. Twelve
Chapter XXIX. Fanchon
Chapter XXX. The Birthday Party
Chapter XXXI. Over the Fence

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