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by John Buchan
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Chapter One. A Mission is Proposed
Chapter Two. The Gathering of the Missionaries
Chapter Three. Peter Pienaar
Chapter Four. Adventures of Two Dutchmen on the Loose
Chapter Five. Further Adventures of the Same
Chapter Six. The Indiscretions of the Same
Chapter Seven. Christmastide
Chapter Eight. The Essen Barges
Chapter Nine. The Return of the Straggler
Chapter Ten. The Garden-House of Suliman the Red
Chapter Eleven. The Companions of the Rosy Hours
Chapter Twelve. Four Missionaries See Light in their Mission
Chapter Thirteen. I Move in Good Society
Chapter Fourteen. The Lady of the Mantilla
Chapter Fifteen. An Embarrassed Toilet
Chapter Sixteen. The Battered Caravanserai
Chapter Seventeen. Trouble by The Waters of Babylon
Chapter Eighteen. Sparrows on the Housetops
Chapter Nineteen. Greenmantle
Chapter Twenty. Peter Pienaar Goes to the Wars
Chapter Twenty-One. The Little Hill
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Guns of the North

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