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The Country House
by John Galsworthy
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Part I
Chapter I. A Party at Worsted Skeynes
Chapter II. The Covert Shoot
Chapter III. The Blissful Hour
Chapter IV. The Happy Hunting-Ground
Chapter V. Mrs. Pendyce's Dance
Chapter VI. Influence of the Reverend Hussell Barter
Chapter VII. Sabbath at Worsted Skeynes
Chapter VIII. Gregory Vigil Proposes
Chapter IX. Mr. Paramor Disposes
Chapter X. At Blafard's
Part II
Chapter I. Gregory Reopens the Campaign
Chapter II. Continued Influence of the Reverend Hussell Barter
Chapter III. The Sinister Night
Chapter IV. Mr. Pendyce's Head
Chapter V. Rector and Squire
Chapter VI. The Park
Chapter VII. Doubtful Position at Worsted Skeynes
Chapter VIII. Council at Worsted Skeynes
Chapter IX. Definition of "Pendycitis"
Chapter X. George Goes for the Gloves
Chapter XI. Mr. Barter Takes a Walk
Chapter XII. The Squire Makes Up His Mind
Part III
Chapter I. Mrs. Pendyce's Odyssey
Chapter II. The Son and the Mother
Chapter III. Mrs. Bellew Squares Her Accounts
Chapter IV. Mrs. Pendyce's Inspiration
Chapter V. The Mother and the Son
Chapter VI. Gregory Looks at the Sky
Chapter VII. Tour with the Spaniel John
Chapter VIII. Acute Attack of 'Pendycitis'
Chapter IX. Bellew Bows to a Lady

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