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Mr. Standfast
by John Buchan
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Part I
Chapter One. The Wicket-Gate
Chapter Two. 'The Village Named Morality'
Chapter Three. The Reflections of a Cured Dyspeptic
Chapter Four. Andrew Amos
Chapter Five. Various Doings in the West
Chapter Six. The Skirts of the Coolin
Chapter Seven. I Hear of the Wild Birds
Chapter Eight. The Adventures of a Bagman
Chapter Nine. I Take the Wings of a Dove
Chapter Ten. The Advantages of an Air Raid
Chapter Eleven. The Valley of Humiliation
Part II
Chapter Twelve. I Become a Combatant Once More
Chapter Thirteen. The Adventure of the Picardy Chateau
Chapter Fourteen. Mr Blenkiron Discourses on Love and War
Chapter Fifteen. St Anton
Chapter Sixteen. I Lie on a Hard Bed
Chapter Seventeen. The Col of the Swallows
Chapter Eighteen. The Underground Railway
Chapter Nineteen. The Cage of the Wild Birds
Chapter Twenty. The Storm Breaks in the West
Chapter Twenty-One. How an Exile Returned to His Own People
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Summons Comes for Mr Standfast

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