By The Fireplace...
Toilers of the Sea by Victor Hugo


First Part-Sieur Clubin

  Book I. The History of a Bad Reputation.

  Book II. Mess Lethierry.

  Book III. Durande and Deruchette.

  Book IV. The Bagpipe.

  Book V. The Revolver.

  Book VI. The Drunken Steersman and the Sober Captain.

  Book VII. The Danger of Opening a Book at Random.

Second Part

  Book I. Malicious Gilliatt.

  Book II. The Labour.

  Book III. The Struggle.

  Book IV. Pitfalls in the Way.

Third Part

  Book I. Night and the Moon.

  Book II. Gratitude and Despotism.

  Book III. The Departure of the Cashmere.

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