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A Gentleman of France
by Stanley J. Weyman
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Chapter I. The Sport of Fools.
Chapter II. The King of Navarre.
Chapter III. Boot and Saddle.
Chapter IV. Mademoiselle de la Vire.
Chapter V. The Road to Blois.
Chapter VI. My Mother's Lodging.
Chapter VII. Simon Fleix.
Chapter VIII. An Empty Room.
Chapter IX. The House in the Ruelle D'Arcy.
Chapter X. The Fight on the Stairs.
Chapter XI. The Man at the Door.
Chapter XII. Maximilian de Bethune, Baron de Rosny.
Chapter XIII. At Rosny.
Chapter XIV. M. de Rambouillet.
Chapter XV. Vilain Herodes.
Chapter XVI. In the King's Chamber.
Chapter XVII. The Jacobin Monk.
Chapter XVIII. The Offer of the League.
Chapter XIX. Men Call it Chance.
Chapter XX. The King's Face.
Chapter XXI. Two Women.
Chapter XXII. 'La Femme Dispose.'
Chapter XXIII. The Last Valois.
Chapter XXIV. A Royal Peril.
Chapter XXV. Terms of Surrender.
Chapter XXVI. Meditations.
Chapter XXVII. To Me, My Friends!
Chapter XXVIII. The Castle on the Hill.
Chapter XXIX. Pestilence and Famine.
Chapter XXX. Stricken.
Chapter XXXI. Under the Greenwood.
Chapter XXXII. A Tavern Brawl.
Chapter XXXIII. At Meudon.
Chapter XXXIV. ''Tis an Ill Wind.'
Chapter XXXV. 'Le Roi est Mort!'
Chapter XXXVI. 'Vive le Roi!'

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