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by Sax Rohmer
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Part First. Kazmah the Dream-Reader
Chapter I. A Message for Irvin
Chapter II. The Apartments of Kazmah
Chapter III. Kazmah
Chapter IV. The Closed Door
Chapter V. The Door is Opened
Chapter VI. Red Kerry
Chapter VII. Further Evidence
Chapter VIII. Kerry Consults the Oracle
Chapter IX. A Packet of Cigarettes
Chapter X. Sir Lucien's Study Window
Chapter XI. The Drug Syndicate
Part Second. Mrs. Sin
Chapter XII. The Maid of the Masque
Chapter XIII. A Chandu Party
Chapter XIV. In the Shade of the Lonely Palm
Chapter XV. Metamorphosis
Chapter XVI. Limehouse
Chapter XVII. The Black Smoke
Chapter XVIII. The Dream of Sin Sin Wa
Chapter XIX. The Traffic
Chapter XX. Kazmah's Methods
Chapter XXI. The Cigarettes from Buenos Ayres
Chapter XXII. The Strangle-Hold
Part Third. The Man from Whitehall
Chapter XXIII. Chief Inspector Kerry Resigns
Chapter XXIV. To Introduce 719
Chapter XXV. Night-Life of Soho
Chapter XXVI. The Moods of Mollie
Chapter XXVII. Crown Evidence
Chapter XXVIII. The Gilded Joss
Chapter XXIX. Doubts and Fears
Chapter XXX. The Fight in the Dark
Chapter XXXI. The Story of 719
Chapter XXXII. On the Isle of Dogs
Part Fourth. The Eye of Sin Sin Wa
Chapter XXXII. Chinese Magic
Chapter XXXIV. Above and Below
Chapter XXXV. Beyond the Veil
Chapter XXXVI. Sam Tuk Moves
Chapter XXXVII. Seton Pasha Reports
Chapter XXXVIII. The Song of Sin Sin Wa
Chapter XXXIX. The Empty Wharf
Chapter XL. Coil of the Pigtail
Chapter XLI. The Finding of Kazmah
Chapter XLII. A Year Later
Chapter XLIII. The Story of the Crime

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