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The Lamp of Fate
by Margaret Pedler
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Part One
Chapter I. The Ninth Generation
Chapter II. The Widening Gulf
Chapter III. Saint-Michael and the Wonder-Child
Chapter IV. The Seed of Evil
Part Two
Chapter I. The Flowering
Chapter II. Out of the Fog
Chapter III. Friars' Holm
Chapter IV. In the Mirror Room
Chapter V. The Swan-Maiden
Chapter VI. Michael Changes His Mind
Chapter VII. The Garden of Eden
Chapter VIII. The First Reaping
Chapter IX. The Back of Beyond
Chapter X. Forebodings
Chapter XI. Storran of Stockleigh
Chapter XII. The Latest News
Chapter XIII. Dan Storran's Awakening
Chapter XIV. The Moonlit Garden
Chapter XV. The Day After
Chapter XVI. What Lady Arabella Knew
Chapter XVII. Cross Currents
Chapter XVIII. A Readjustment of Ideas
Chapter XIX. At the End of the Storm
Chapter XX. Night
Chapter XXI. The Other Man
Chapter XXII. The Ropes of Steel
Chapter XXIII. Account Rendered
Chapter XXIV. Gillian Intercedes
Chapter XXV. "Children Stumbling in the Dark"
Chapter XXVI. Farewell
Chapter XXVII. The Grey Veil
Chapter XXVIII. Those That Were Left Behind
Chapter XXIX. The Return
Chapter XXX. An Unanswered Letter
Chapter XXXI. Against Time
Chapter XXXII. The Edge of the Dawn

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