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Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica
by John Kendrick Bangs
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Chapter I: Corsica to Brienne. 1769-1779
Chapter II: Brienne. 1779-1785
Chapter III: Paris--Valence--Lyons--Corsica. 1785-1793
Chapter IV: Sardinia--Toulon--Nice--Paris--Barras--Josephine. 1793-1796
Chapter V: Italy--Milan--Vienna--Venice. 1796-1797
Chapter VI: Montebello--Paris--Egypt. 1797-1799
Chapter VII: The 19th Brumaire--Consul--The Tuileries--Caroline. 1799
Chapter VIII: The Alps--The Empire--The Coronation. 1800-1804
Chapter IX: The Rise of the Empire. 1805-1810
Chapter X: The Fall of the Empire. 1810-1814
Chapter XI: Elba--The Return--Waterloo--St. Helena. 1814-1815
Chapter XII: 1815-1821-1895

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