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Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy
by Stephen Leacock
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I.--Spoof. A Thousand-Guinea Novel. New! Fascinating! Perplexing!
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
II.--The Reading Public. A Book Store Study
Afternoon Adventures At My Club
1.--The Anecdotes of Dr. So and So
2.--The Shattered Health of Mr. Podge
3.--The Amazing Travels of Mr. Yarner
4.--The Spiritual Outlook of Mr. Doomer
5.--The Reminiscences of Mr. Apricot
6.--The Last Man out of Europe
7.--The War Mania of Mr. Jinks and Mr. Blinks
8.--The Ground Floor
9.--The Hallucination of Mr. Butt
IV.--Ram Spudd The New World Singer. Is He Divinely Inspired? Or Is He Not? At Any Rate We Discovered Him.
V.--Aristocratic Anecdotes or Little Stories of Great People
VI.--Education Made Agreeable or the Diversions of a Professor
VII.--An Every-Day Experience
VIII--Truthful Oratory, or What Our Speakers Ought to Say
IX.-Our Literary Bureau
X.--Speeding Up Business
XI.--Who Is Also Who. A Companion Volume to Who's Who
XII.--Passionate Paragraphs
XIII.--Weejee the Pet Dog. An Idyll of the Summer
XIV.--Sidelights on the Supermen. An Interview with General Bernhardi.
XV.--The Survival of the Fittest
XVI--The First Newspaper. A Sort of Allegory
XVII--In the Good Time After the War

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