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The Cost
by David Graham Phillips
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I. A Father Invites Disaster
II. Olivia to the Rescue.
III. And Scarborough.
IV. A Dumont Triumph.
V. Four Friends.
VI. "Like His Father."
VII. Pauline Awakens.
VIII. The Decision.
IX. A Thoroughbred Runs Away.
X. Mrs. John Dumont.
XI. Young America.
XII. After Eight Years.
XIII. "My Sister-in-Law, Gladys."
XIV. Straining at the Anchors.
XV. Graduated Pearls.
XVI. Choice Among Evils.
XVII. Two and the Barrier.
XVIII. On the Farm.
XIX. Pauline Goes Into Politics.
XX. A Man in His Might.
XXI. A Coyote at Bay.
XXII. Storms in the West.
XXIII. A Sea Surprise.
XXIV. Dumont Betrays Dumont.
XXV. The Fallen King.
XXVI. A Desperate Rally.
XXVII. The Other Man's Might.
XXVIII. After the Long Winter.

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