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Westward Ho!
by Charles Kingsley
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Chapter I. How Mr. Oxenham Saw the White Bird
Chapter II. How Amyas Came Home the First Time
Chapter III. Of Two Gentlemen of Wales, and How They Hunted with the Hounds, and Yet Ran with the Deer
Chapter IV. The Two Ways of Being Crost in Love
Chapter V. Clovelly Court in the Olden Time
Chapter VI. The Combes of the Far West
Chapter VII. The True and Tragical History of Mr. John Oxenham of Plymouth
Chapter VIII. How the Noble Brotherhood of the Rose was Founded
Chapter IX. How Amyas Kept His Christmas Day
Chapter X. How the Mayor of Bideford Baited His Hook with His Own Flesh
Chapter XI. How Eustace Leigh Met the Pope's Legate
Chapter XII. How Bideford Bridge Dined at Annery House
Chapter XIII. How the Golden Hind Came Home Again
Chapter XIV. How Salvation Yeo Slew the King of the Gubbings
Chapter XV. How Mr. John Brimblecombe Understood the Nature of an Oath
Chapter XVI. The Most Chivalrous Adventure of the Good Ship Rose
Chapter XVII. How They Came to Barbados, and Found No Men Therein
Chapter XVIII. How They Took the Pearls at Margarita
Chapter XIX. What Befell at La Guayra
Chapter XX. Spanish Bloodhounds and English Mastiffs
Chapter XXI. How They Took the Communion Under the Tree at Higuerote
Chapter XXII. The Inquisition in the Indies
Chapter XXIII. The Banks of the Meta
Chapter XXIV. How Amyas was Tempted of the Devil
Chapter XXV. How They Took the Gold-Train
Chapter XXVI. How They Took the Great Galleon
Chapter XXVII. How Salvation Yeo Found His Little Maid Again
Chapter XXVIII. How Amyas Came Home the Third Time
Chapter XXIX. How the Virginia Fleet was Stopped by the Queen's Command
Chapter XXX. How the Admiral John Hawkins Testified Against Croakers
Chapter XXXI. The Great Armada
Chapter XXXII. How Amyas Threw His Sword into the Sea
Chapter XXXIII. How Amyas Let the Apple Fall

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