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by E. Phillips Oppenheim
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Chapter I. Crowned Heads Meet
Chapter II. Arthur Dorward's "Scoop"
Chapter III. "Ours is a Strange Courtship"
Chapter IV. The Night Train from Vienna
Chapter V. "Von Behrling Has the Packet"
Chapter VI. Von Behrling is Tempted
Chapter VII. "We Play for Great Stakes"
Chapter VIII. The Hand of Misfortune
Chapter IX. Robbing the Dead
Chapter X. Bellamy is Outwitted
Chapter XI. Von Behrling's Fate
Chapter XII. Baron de Streuss' Proposal
Chapter XIII. Stephen Laverick's Conscience
Chapter XIV. Arthur Morrison's Collapse
Chapter XV. Laverick's Partner Flees
Chapter XVI. The Waiter at the "Black Post"
Chapter XVII. The Price of Silence
Chapter XVIII. The Lonely Chorus Girl
Chapter XIX. Mysterious Inquiries
Chapter XX. Laverick is Cross-Examined
Chapter XXI. Mademoiselle Idiale's Visit
Chapter XXII. Activity of Austrian Spies
Chapter XXIII. Laverick at the Opera
Chapter XXIV. A Supper Party at Luigi's
Chapter XXV. Jim Shepherd's Scare
Chapter XXVI. The Document Discovered
Chapter XXVII. Penetrating a Mystery
Chapter XXVIII. Laverick's Narrow Escape
Chapter XXIX. Lassen's Treachery Discovered
Chapter XXX. The Contest for the Papers
Chapter XXXI. Miss Leneveu's Message
Chapter XXXII. Morrison is Desperate
Chapter XXXIII. Laverick's Arrest
Chapter XXXIV. Morrison's Disclosure
Chapter XXXV. Bellamy's Success
Chapter XXXVI. Laverick Acquitted
Chapter XXXVII. The Plot that Failed
Chapter XXXVIII. A Farewell Appearance

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