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by Samuel Butler
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Preface to the First Edition
Preface to Second Edition
Preface to the Revised Edition
Chapter I: Waste Lands
Chapter II: In the Wool-Shed
Chapter III: Up the River
Chapter IV: The Saddle
Chapter V: The River and the Range
Chapter VI: Into Erewhon
Chapter VII: First Impressions
Chapter VIII: In Prison
Chapter IX: To the Metropolis
Chapter X: Current Opinions
Chapter XI: Some Erewhonian Trials
Chapter XII: Malcontents
Chapter XIII: The Views of the Erewhonians Concerning Death
Chapter XIV: Mahaina
Chapter XV: The Musical Banks
Chapter XVI: Arowhena
Chapter XVII: Ydgrun and the Ydgrunites
Chapter XVIII: Birth Formulae
Chapter XIX: The World of the Unborn
Chapter XX: What They Mean by It
Chapter XXI: The Colleges of Unreason
Chapter XXII: The Colleges of Unreason--Continued
Chapter XXIII: The Book of the Machines
Chapter XXIV: The Machines--continued
Chapter XXV: The Machines--concluded
Chapter XXVI: The Views of an Erewhonian Prophet Concerning the Rights of Animals
Chapter XXVII: The Views of an Erewhonian Philosopher Concerning the Rights of Vegetables
Chapter XXVIII: Escape
Chapter XXIX: Conclusion

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