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Erewhon Revisited
by Samuel Butler
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Author's Note
Chapter I: Ups and Downs of Fortune--My Father Starts for Erewhon
Chapter II: To the Foot of the Pass Into Erewhon
Chapter III: My Father While Camping is Accosted by Professors Hanky and Panky
Chapter IV: My Father Overhears More of Hanky and Panky's Conversation
Chapter V: My Father Meets a Son, of Whose Existence He was Ignorant; and Strikes a Bargain with Him
Chapter VI: Further Conversation Between Father and Son--The Professors' Hoard
Chapter VII: Signs of the New Order of Things Catch My Father's Eye on Every Side
Chapter VIII: Yram, Now Mayoress, Gives a Dinner-Party, in the Course of Which She is Disquieted by What She Learns From Professor Hanky: She Sends for Her Son George and Questions Him
Chapter IX: Interview Between Yram and Her Son
Chapter X: My Father, Fearing Recognition at Sunch'ston, Betakes Himself to the Neighbouring Town of Fairmead
Chapter XI: President Gurgoyle's Pamphlet "On the Physics of Vicarious Existence"
Chapter XII: George Fails to Find My Father, Whereon Yram Cautions the Professors
Chapter XIII: A Visit to the Provincial Deformatory at Fairmead
Chapter XIV: My Father Makes the Acquaintance of Mr Balmy, and Walks With Him Next Day to Sunch'ston
Chapter XV: The Temple is Dedicated to My Father, and Certain Extracts are Read From His Supposed Sayings
Chapter XVI: Professor Hanky Preaches a Sermon, in the Course of Which My Father Declares Himself to Be The Sunchild
Chapter XVII: George Takes His Father to Prison, and There Obtains Some Useful Information
Chapter XVIII: Yram Invites Dr. Downie and Mrs. Humdrum to Luncheon--A Passage at Arms Between Her and Hanky is Amicably Arranged
Chapter XIX: A Council is Held at the Mayor's, in the Course of Which George Turns the Tables on the Professors
Chapter XX: Mrs. Humdrum and Dr. Downie Propose a Compromise, Which, After an Amendment by George, is Carried Nem. Con.
Chapter XXI: Yram, on Getting Rid of her Guests, Goes to the Prison to See My Father
Chapter XXII: Mainly Occupied With a Veracious Extract From a Sunch'stonian Journal
Chapter XXIII: My Father is Escorted to the Mayor's House, and is Introduced to a Future Daughter-in-Law
Chapter XXIV: After Dinner, Dr. Downie and the Professors Would Be Glad to Know What is to Be Done About Sunchildism
Chapter XXV: George Escorts My Father to the Statues; The Two Then Part
Chapter XXVI: My Father Reaches Home, and Dies Not Long Afterwards
Chapter XXVII: I Meet My Brother George at the Statues, on the Top of the Pass Into Erewhon
Chapter XXVIII: George and I Spend a Few Hours Together at the Statues, and Then Part--I Reach Home--Postscript

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