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El Dorado
by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
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Part I
Chapter I. In the Theatre National
Chapter II. Widely Divergent Aims
Chapter III. The Demon Chance
Chapter IV. Mademoiselle Lange
Chapter V. The Temple Prison
Chapter VI. The Committee's Agent
Chapter VII. The Most Precious Life in Europe
Chapter VIII. Arcades Ambo
Chapter IX. What Love Can Do
Chapter X. Shadows
Chapter XI. The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
Chapter XII. What Love Is
Chapter XIII. Then Everything Was Dark
Chapter XIV. The Chief
Chapter XV. The Gate of La Villette
Chapter XVI. The Weary Search
Chapter XVII. Chauvelin
Chapter XVIII. The Removal
Chapter XIX. It is About the Dauphin
Chapter XX. The Certificate of Safety
Chapter XXI. Back to Paris
Chapter XXII. Of That There Could Be No Question
Chapter XXIII. The Overwhelming Odds
Part II
Chapter XXIV. The News
Chapter XXV. Paris Once More
Chapter XXVI. The Bitterest Foe
Chapter XXVII. In the Conciergerie
Chapter XXVIII. The Caged Lion
Chapter XXIX. For the Sake of That Helpless Innocent
Chapter XXX. Afterwards
Chapter XXXI. An Interlude
Chapter XXXII. Sisters
Chapter XXXIII. Little Mother
Chapter XXXIV. The Letter
Part III
Chapter XXXV. The Last Phase
Chapter XXXVI. Submission
Chapter XXXVII. Chauvelin's Advice
Chapter XXXVIII. Capitulation
Chapter XXXIX. Kill Him!
Chapter XL. God Help Us All
Chapter XLI. When Hope Was Dead
Chapter XLII. The Guard-House of the Rue Ste. Anne
Chapter XLIII. The Dreary Journey
Chapter XLIV. The Halt at Crecy
Chapter XLV. The Forest of Boulogne
Chapter XLVI. Others in the Park
Chapter XLVII. The Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre
Chapter XLVIII. The Waning Moon
Chapter XLIX. The Land of Eldorado

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