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The Illustrious Prince
by E. Phillips Oppenheim
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Chapter I. Mr. Hamilton Fynes, Urgent
Chapter II. The End of the Journey
Chapter III. An Incident and an Accident
Chapter IV. Miss Penelope Morse
Chapter V. An Affair of State
Chapter VI. Mr. Coulson Interviewed
Chapter VII. A Fatal Despatch
Chapter VIII. An Interrupted Theatre Party
Chapter IX. Inspector Jacks Scores
Chapter X. Mr. Coulson Outmatched
Chapter XI. A Commission
Chapter XII. Penelope Intervenes
Chapter XIII. East and West
Chapter XIV. An Engagement
Chapter XV. Penelope Explains
Chapter XVI. Concerning Prince Maiyo
Chapter XVII. A Gay Night in Paris
Chapter XVIII. Mr. Coulson is Indiscreet
Chapter XIX. A Momentous Question
Chapter XX. The Answer
Chapter XXI. A Clue
Chapter XXII. A Breath From the East
Chapter XXIII. On the Trail
Chapter XXIV. Prince Maiyo Bids High
Chapter XXV. Hobson's Choice
Chapter XXVI. Some Farewells
Chapter XXVII. A Prisoner
Chapter XXVIII. Patriotism
Chapter XXIX. A Race
Chapter XXX. Inspector Jacks Importunate
Chapter XXXI. Goodbye!
Chapter XXXII. Prince Maiyo Speaks
Chapter XXXIII. Unafraid
Chapter XXXIV. Banzai!

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