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The Tempting of Tavernake
by E. Phillips Oppenheim
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Book One
Chapter I. Despair and Interest
Chapter II. A Tete-a-Tete Supper
Chapter III. An Unpleasant Meeting
Chapter IV. Breakfast With Beatrice
Chapter V. Introducing Mrs. Wenham Gardner
Chapter VI. Questions and Answers
Chapter VII. Mr. Pritchard of New York
Chapter VIII. Woman's Wiles
Chapter IX. The Plot Thickens
Chapter X. The Joy of Battle
Chapter XI. A Bewildering Offer
Chapter XII. Tavernake Blunders
Chapter XIII. An Evening Call
Chapter XIV. A Warning From Mr. Pritchard
Chapter, XV. General Discontent
Chapter XVI. An Offer of Marriage
Chapter XVII. The Balcony at Imano's
Chapter XVIII. A Midnight Adventure
Chapter XIX. Tavernake Intervenes
Chapter XX. A Pleasant Reunion
Chapter XXI. Some Excellent Advice
Chapter XXII. Dinner With Elizabeth
Chapter XXIII. On an Errand of Chivalry
Chapter XXIV. Close to Tragedy
Chapter XXV. The Madman Talks
Chapter XXVI. A Crisis
Chapter XXVII. Tavernake Chooses
Book Two
Chapter I. New Horizons
Chapter II. The Simple Life
Chapter III. Old Friends Meet
Chapter IV. Pritchard's Good News
Chapter V. Beatrice Refuses
Chapter VI. Understanding Comes Too Late
Chapter VII. In a Virgin Country
Chapter VIII. Back to Civilization
Chapter IX. For Always

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