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Peter Ruff and the Double Four
by E. Phillips Oppenheim
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Book I
Chapter I. Introducing Mr. Peter Ruff
Chapter II. A New Career
Chapter III. Vincent Cawdor, Commission Agent
Chapter IV. The Indiscretion of Letty Shaw
Chapter V. Delilah From Streatham
Chapter VI. The Little Lady From Servia
Chapter VII. The Demand of the Double-Four
Chapter VIII. Mrs. Bognor's Star Boarder
Chapter IX. The Perfidy of Miss Brown
Chapter X. Wonderful John Dory
Book II
Chapter I. Recalled by the Double-Four
Chapter II. Prince Albert's Card Debts
Chapter III. The Ambassador's Wife
Chapter IV. The Man From the Old Testament
Chapter V. The First Shot
Chapter VI. The Seven Suppers of Andrea Korust
Chapter VII. Major Kosuth's Mission
Chapter VIII. The Man Behind the Curtain
Chapter IX. The Ghosts of Havana Harbor
Chapter X. The Affair or An Alien Society
Chapter XI. The Thirteenth Encounter

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