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Nonsense Novels
by Stephen Leacock
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I. -- Maddened by Mystery: or, The Defective Detective
II. -- "Q." A Psychic Pstory of the Psupernatural
III. -- Guido the Gimlet of Ghent: A Romance of Chivalry
IV. -- Gertrude the Governess: or, Simple Seventeen
V. -- A Hero in Homespun: or, The Life Struggle of Hezekiah Hayloft
VI. -- Sorrows of a Super Soul: or, The Memoirs of Marie Mushenough (Translated, by Machinery, out of the Original Russian.)
VII. -- Hannah of the Highlands: or, The Laird of Loch Aucherlocherty
VIII. -- Soaked in Seaweed: or, Upset in the Ocean (An Old-fashioned Sea Story.)
IX. -- Caroline's Christmas: or, The Inexplicable Infant
X. -- The Man in Asbestos: An Allegory of the Future

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