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The War Terror
by Arthur B. Reeve
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Chapter I. The War Terror
Chapter II. The Electro-Magnetic Gun
Chapter III. The Murder Syndicate
Chapter IV. The Air Pirate
Chapter V. The Ultra-Violet Ray
Chapter VI. The Triple Mirror
Chapter VII. The Wireless Wiretappers
Chapter VIII. The Houseboat Mystery
Chapter IX. The Radio Detective
Chapter X. The Curio Shop
Chapter XI. The "Pillar of Death"
Chapter XII. The Arrow Poison
Chapter XIII. The Radium Robber
Chapter XIV. The Spinthariscope
Chapter XV. The Asphyxiating Safe
Chapter XVI. The Dead Line
Chapter XVII. The Paste Replica
Chapter XVIII. The Burglar's Microphone
Chapter XIX. The Germ Letter
Chapter XX. The Artificial Kidney
Chapter XXI. The Poison Bracelet
Chapter XXII. The Devil Worshipers
Chapter XXIII. The Psychic Curse
Chapter XXIV. The Serpent's Tooth
Chapter XXV. The "Happy Dust"
Chapter XXVI. The Binet Test
Chapter XXVII. The Lie Detector
Chapter XXVIII. The Family Skeleton
Chapter XXIX. The Lead Poisoner
Chapter XXX. The Electrolytic Murder
Chapter XXXI. The Eugenic Bride
Chapter XXXII. The Germ Plasm
Chapter XXXIII. The Sex Control
Chapter XXXIV. The Billionaire Baby
Chapter XXXV. The Psychanalysis
Chapter XXXVI. The Ends of Justice

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