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The Trespasser
by Gilbert Parker
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Volume I
Chapter I. One in Search of a Kingdom
Chapter II. In Which He Claims His Own
Chapter III. He Tells the Story of His Life
Chapter IV. An Hour With His Father's Past
Chapter V.. Wherein He Finds His Enemy
Volume II
Chapter VI. Which Tells of Strange Encounters
Chapter VII. Wherein the Seal of His Heritage is Set
Chapter VIII. He Answers an Awkward Question
Chapter IX. He Finds New Sponsors
Chapter X. He Comes to "The Waking of the Fire"
Chapter XI. He Makes a Gallant Conquest
Volume III
Chapter XII. He Stands Between Two Worlds
Chapter XIII. He Journeys Afar
Chapter XIV. In Which the Past is Repeated
Chapter XV. Wherein is Seen the Old Adam and the Garden
Chapter XVI. Wherein Love Knows No Law Save the Man's Will
Chapter XVII. The Man and the Woman Face the Intolerable
Chapter XVIII. "Return, O Shulamite!"

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