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The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig
by David Graham Phillips
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Chapter I. Mr. Craig Arrays Himself
Chapter II. In the Best Society
Chapter III. A Desperate Young Woman
Chapter IV.. "He Isn't Like Us"
Chapter V. Almost Hooked
Chapter VI. Mr. Craig in Sweet Danger
Chapter VII. Mrs. Severence is Roused
Chapter VIII. Mr. Craig Confides
Chapter IX. Somewhat Cyclonic
Chapter X. A Belated Proposal
Chapter XI. Madam Bowker Hears the News
Chapter XII. Putting Down a Mutiny
Chapter XIII. A Memorable Meeting
Chapter XIV. Maggie and Josh
Chapter XV. The Embassy Garden Party
Chapter XVI. A Fight and a Finish
Chapter XVII. A Night March
Chapter XVIII. Peace at Any Price
Chapter XIX. Madam Bowker's Blessing
Chapter XX. Mr. Craig Kisses the Idol's Foot
Chapter XXI. A Swoop and a Scratch
Chapter XXII. Getting Acquainted
Chapter XXIII. What the Moon Saw and Did
Chapter XXIV. "Our House is Afire"
Chapter XXV. Mrs. Joshua Craig

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