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Seats Of The Mighty
by Gilbert Parker
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Introduction to the Imperial Edition
Prefatory Note to First Edition
I. An Escort to the Citadel
II. The Master of the King's Magazine
III. The Wager and the Sword
IV. The Rat in the Trap
V. The Device of the Dormouse
VI. Moray Tells the Story of His Life
VII. "Quoth Little Garaine"
VIII. As Vain as Absalom
IX. A Little Concerning the Chevalier de la Darante
X. An Officer of Marines
XI. The Coming of Doltaire
XII. "The Point Envenomed Too!"
XIII. "A Little Boast"
XIV. Argand Cournal
XV. In the Chamber of Torture
XVI. Be Saint or Imp
XVII. Through the Bars of the Cage
XVIII. The Steep Path of Conquest
XIX. A Danseuse and the Bastile
XX. Upon the Ramparts
XXI. La Jongleuse
XXII. The Lord of Kamarska
XXIII. With Wolfe at Montmorenci
XXIV. The Sacred Countersign
XXV. In the Cathedral
XXVI. The Secret of the Tapestry
XXVII. A Side-Wind of Revenge
XXVIII. "To Cheat the Devil Yet."
XXIX. "Master Devil" Doltaire
XXX. "Where All the Lovers Can Hide"

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