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The Second Generation
by David Graham Phillips
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Chapter I. "Put Your House in Order!"
Chapter II. Of Somebodies and Nobodies
Chapter III. Mrs. Whitney Intervenes
Chapter IV. The Shattered Colossus
Chapter V. The Will
Chapter VI. Mrs. Whitney Negotiates
Chapter VII. Jilted
Chapter VIII. A Friend in Need
Chapter IX. The Long Farewell
Chapter X. "Through Love for My Children"
Chapter XI. "So Sensitive"
Chapter XII. Arthur Falls Among Lawyers
Chapter XIII. But is Rescued
Chapter XIV. Simeon
Chapter XV. Early Adventures of a 'Prentice
Chapter XVI. A Cast-Off Slipper
Chapter XVII. Pomp and Circumstance
Chapter XVIII. Love, the Blunderer
Chapter XIX. Madelene
Chapter XX. Lorry's Romance
Chapter XXI. Hiram's Son
Chapter XXII. Villa d'Orsay
Chapter XXIII. A Stroll in a Bypath
Chapter XXIV. Dr. Madelene Prescribes
Chapter XXV. Man and Gentleman
Chapter XXVI. Charles Whitney's Heirs
Chapter XXVII. The Door Ajar
Chapter XXVIII. The Dead That Live

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