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Darrel of the Blessed Isles
by Irving Bacheller
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I. The Story of the Little Red Sleigh
II. The Crystal City and the Traveller
III. The Clock Tinker
IV. The Uphill Road
V. At the Sign o' the Dial
VI. A Certain Rick Man
VII. Darrel of the Blessed Isles
VIII. Dust of Diamonds in the Hour-glass
IX. Drove and Drovers
X. An Odd Meeting
XI. The Old Rag Doll
XII. The Santa Claus of Cedar Hill
XIII. A Christmas Adventure
XIV. A Day at the Linley Schoolhouse
XV. The Tinker at Linley School
XVI. A Rustic Museum
XVII. An Event in the Rustic Museum
XVIII. A Day of Difficulties
XIX. Amusement and Learning
XX. At the Theatre of the Woods
XXI. Robin's Inn
XXII. Comedies of Field and Dooryard
XXIII. A New Problem
XXIV. Beginning the Book of Trouble
XXV. The Spider Snares
XXVI. The Coming of the Cars
XXVII. The Rare and Costly Cup
XXVIII. Darrel at Robin's Inn
XXIX. Again the Uphill Road
XXX. Evidence
XXXI. A Man Greater than his Trouble
XXXII. The Return of Thurst Tilly
XXXIII. The White Guard
XXXIV. More Evidence
XXXV. At the Sign of the Golden Spool[1]
XXXVI. The Law's Approval
XXXVII. The Return of Santa Claus

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