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The Major
by Ralph Connor
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Chapter I. The Coward
Chapter II. A Fight for Freedom
Chapter III. The Escutcheon Cleared
Chapter IV. Salvage
Chapter V. Westward Ho!
Chapter VI. Jane Brown
Chapter VII. The Girl of the Wood Lot
Chapter VIII. You Forgot Me
Chapter IX. Except He Strive Lawfully
Chapter X. The Spirit of Canada
Chapter XI. The Shadow of War
Chapter XII. Men and a Mine
Chapter XIII. A Day in September
Chapter XIV. An Extraordinary Nurse
Chapter XV. The Coming of Jane
Chapter XVI. Hospitality Without Grudging
Chapter XVII. The Tragedies of Love
Chapter XVIII. The Voice in the Wilderness
Chapter XIX. The Closing of the Door
Chapter XX. The German Type of Citizenship
Chapter XXI. War
Chapter XXII. The Tuck of Drum
Chapter XXIII. A Neutral Nation
Chapter XXIV. The Major and the Major's Wife

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