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Red Masquerade
by Louis Joseph Vance
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Book I. A Chapter from the Youth of Monsieur Michael Lanyard
I. Plebeian and Prince
II. The Princess Sofia
III. Monsieur Quixote
IV. The Fool and His Money
V. Impostor
VI. Therese
VII. Family Reunion
VIII. Greek vs. Greek
IX. Paid in Full
Book II. The Lone Wolf's Daughter
I. The Girl Sofia
II. Masks and Faces
III. The Agony Column
IV. Mutiny
V. House of the Wolf
VI. The Mummer
VII. The Fantastics
VIII. Council of the Godless
IX. Mrs. Waring
X. Victor Et Al
XI. Heartbreak
XII. Suspect
XIII. The Turnip
XIV. Conference of the Damned
XV. Intuition
XVI. The Crystal
XVII. The Raised Cheque
XVIII. Ordeal
XIX. Unmasking
XX. The Devil to Pay
XXI. Ventre a Terre
XXII. The Seven Brass Hinges

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