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The Fortune Hunter
by Louis Joseph Vance
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I. From Him That Hath Not
II. To Him That Hath
III. Inspiration
IV. Triumph of Mr. Homer Littlejohn
V. Margaret's Daughter
VI. Introduction to Miss Carpenter
VII. A Window in Radville
VIII. The Man of Business in Embryo
IX. Small Beginnings
X. Roland Barnette's Friend
XI. Blinky Lockwood
XII. Duncan's Grubstake
XIII. The Business Man and Mr. Burnham
XIV. Mostly About Betty
XV. Manoeuvres of Josie
XVI. Where Radville Feared to Tread
XVII. Tracey's Troubles
XVIII. A Bargain is a Bargain
XIX. Proving the Perspicuity of Mr. Kellogg
XX. Roland Shows His Hand
XXI. As Others Saw Him
XXII. Roland's Triumph
XXIII. The Rainbow's End

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