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The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale
by Frank L. Packard
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Chapter I. Smarlinghue
Chapter II. The Warning
Chapter III. The Man with the Scar
Chapter IV. The Diamond Pendant
Chapter V. "Death to the Gray Seal!"
Chapter VI. The Rehabilitation of Larry the Bat
Chapter VII. The Bond Robbery
Chapter VIII. At Halfpast One
Chapter IX. 'Ware the Wolf
Chapter X. The Chase
Chapter XI. The Voices of the Underworld
Chapter XII. In the Sanctuary
Chapter XIII. The Secret Room
Chapter XIV. The Last Card
Chapter XV. Caught in the Act
Chapter XVI. One Chance in Ten
Chapter XVII. The Defaulter
Chapter XVIII. Alias English Dick
Chapter XIX. The Beginning of the End
Chapter XX. The Old-Clothes Shop
Chapter XXI. Silver Mag
Chapter XXII. The Tocsin's Story
Chapter XXIII. Hunchback Joe
Chapter XXIV. At Five Minutes of Twelve

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