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The Right of Way
by Gilbert Parker
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Volume 1
Chapter I. The Way to the Verdict
Chapter II. What Came of the Trial
Chapter III. After Five Years
Chapter IV. Charley Makes a Discovery
Chapter V. The Woman in Heliotrope
Chapter VI. The Wind and the Shorn Lamb
Chapter VII. "Peace, Peace, and There is no Peace"'
Chapter VIII. The Cost of the Ornament
Volume 2
Chapter IX. Old Debts for New
Chapter X. The Way in and the Way Out
Chapter XI. The Raising of the Curtain
Chapter XII. The Coming of Rosalie
Chapter XIII. How Charley Went Adventuring and What He Found
Chapter XIV. Rosalie, Charley, and the Man the Widow Plomondon Jilted
Chapter XV. The Mark in the Paper
Chapter XVI. Madame Dauphin Has a Mission
Chapter XVII. The Tailor Makes a Midnight Foray
Chapter XVIII. The Stealing of the Cross
Volume 3
Chapter XIX. The Sign From Heaven
Chapter XX. The Return of the Tailor
Chapter XXI. The Cure Has an Inspiration
Chapter XXII. The Woman Who Saw
Chapter XXIII. The Woman Who Did Not Tell
Chapter XXIV. The Seigneur Takes a Hand in the Game
Chapter XXV. The Colonel Tells His Story
Chapter XXVI. A Song, a Bottle, and a Ghost
Chapter XXVII. Out on the Old Trail
Chapter XXVIII. The Seigneur Gives a Warning
Volume 4
Chapter XXIX. The Wild Ride
Chapter XXX. Rosalie Warns Charley
Chapter XXXI. Charley Stands at Bay
Chapter XXXII. Jo Portugais Tells a Story
Chapter XXXIII. The Edge of Life
Chapter XXXIV. In Ambush
Chapter XXXV. The Coming of Maximilian Cour and Another
Chapter XXXVI. Barriers Swept Away
Chapter XXXVII. The Challenge of Paulette Dubois
Chapter XXXVIII. The Cure and the Seigneur Visit the Tailor
Chapter XXXIX. The Scarlet Woman
Chapter XL. As it Was in the Beginning
Volume 5
Chapter XLI. It Was Michaelmas Day
Chapter XLII. A Trial and a Verdict
Chapter XLIII. Jo Portugais Tells a Story
Chapter XLIV. "Who Was Kathleen?"
Chapter XLV. Six Months Go By
Chapter XLVI. The Forgotten Man
Chapter XLVII. One Was Taken and the Other Left
Chapter XLVIII. "Where the Tree of Life is Blooming--"
Chapter XLIX. The Open Gate
Volume 6
Chapter L. The Passion Play at Chaudiere
Chapter LI. Face to Face
Chapter LII. The Coming of Billy
Chapter LIII. The Seigneur and the Cure Have a Suspicion
Chapter LIV. M. Rossignol Slips the Leash
Chapter LV. Rosalie Plays a Part
Chapter LVI. Mrs. Flynn Speaks
Chapter LVII. A Burning Fiery Furnace
Chapter LVIII. With His Back to the Wall
Chapter LIX. In Which Charley Meets a Stranger
Chapter LX. The Hand at the Door
Chapter LXI. The Cure Speaks

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