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The Deluge
by David Graham Phillips
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I. Mr. Blacklock
II. In Those Days Arose Kings
III. Came a Woman
IV. A Candidate for "Respectability"
V. Danger Signals
VI. Of "Gentlemen"
VII. Blacklock Goes Into Training
VIII. On the Trail of Langdon
IX. Langdon at Home
X. Two "Pillars of Society"
XI. When a Man is Not a Man
XII. Anita
XIII. "Until To-Morrow"
XIV. Fresh Air in a Greenhouse
XV. Some Strange Lapses of a Lover
XVI. Trapped and Trimmed
XVII. A Genteel "Hold-Up"
XVIII. Anita Begins to be Herself
XIX. A Windfall from "Gentleman Jl
XX. A Breathing Spell
XXI. Most Unladylike
XXII. Most Ungentlemanly
XXIII. "She Has Chosen!"
XXIV. Blacklock Attends Family Prayers
XXV. "My Wife Must!"
XXVI. The Weak Strand
XXVII. A Conspiracy Against Anita
XXVIII. Blacklock Sees a Light
XXIX. A Housewarming
XXX. Blacklock Opens Fire
XXXI. Anita's Secret
XXXII. Langdon Comes to the Surface
XXXIII. Mrs. Langdon Makes a Call
XXXIV. "My Right Eye Offends Me"
XXXV. "Wild Week"
XXXVI. "Black Matt's" Triumph

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