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A Perilous Secret
by Charles Reade
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Chapter I. The Poor Man's Child.
Chapter II. The Rich Man's Child.
Chapter III. The Two Fathers.
Chapter IV. An Old Servant.
Chapter V. Mary's Peril.
Chapter VI. Sharp Practice.
Chapter VII. The Course of True Love.
Chapter VIII. The Course of True Love.
Chapter IX. Lovers Parted.
Chapter X. The Gordian Knot.
Chapter XI. The Knot Cut.--Another Tied.
Chapter XII. The Clandestine Marriage.
Chapter XIII. The Serpent Let Loose.
Chapter XIV. The Serpent.
Chapter XV. The Secret in Danger.
Chapter XVI. Reminiscences.--The False Accuser.--The Secret Exploded.
Chapter XVII. Lovers' Quarrels.
Chapter XVIII. Apologies.
Chapter XIX. A Woman Outwits Two Men.
Chapter XX. Calamity.
Chapter XXI. Buried Alive.
Chapter XXII. Remorse.
Chapter XXIII. Buried Alive.--The Three Deadly Perils.
Chapter XXIV. Strange Complications.
Chapter XXV. Retribution.
Chapter XXVI. Strange Turns.
Chapter XXVII. Curtain.

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