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True Tilda
by Arthur Quiller-Couch
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Chapter I. At the Sign of the Good Samaritan
Chapter II. How True Tilda Came to Dolorous Gard
Chapter III. A Kidnapping
Chapter IV. In Which Childe Arthur Loses One Mother and Gains Another.
Chapter V. Temporary Embarrassments of a Thespian.
Chapter VI. Mr. Mortimer's Adventure.
Chapter VII. In Which Mr. Hucks Takes a Hand.
Chapter VIII. Flight.
Chapter IX. Freedom.
Chapter X. The Four Diamonds.
Chapter XI. The "Stratford-on-Avon"
Chapter XII. Pursued.
Chapter XIII. Adventure of the Furred Collar.
Chapter XIV. Adventure of the Primrose Fete.
Chapter XV. Adventure of the Fat Lady.
Chapter XVI. Adventures of the "Four Alls" and of the Celestial Chemist
Chapter XVII. By Weston Weir.
Chapter XVIII. Down Avon.
Chapter XIX. The S.S. Evan Evans
Chapter XX. Inistow Farm.
Chapter XXI. The Hunted Stag.
Chapter XXII. The Voyage.
Chapter XXIII. The Island.
Chapter XXIV. Glasson in Chase.
Chapter XXV. Miss Sally Breaks the Doors.
Chapter XXVI. The Rescue

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