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The Light in the Clearing
by Irving Bacheller
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Book One: Which is the Story of the Candle and the Compass
Chapter I. The Melon Harvest
Chapter II. I Meet the Silent Woman and Silas Wright, Jr.
Chapter III. We Go to Meeting and See Mr. Wright Again
Chapter IV. Our Little Strange Companion
Chapter V. In the Light of the Candles
Chapter VI. The Great Stranger
Chapter VII. My Second Peril
Chapter VIII. My Third Peril
Book Two: Which is the Story of the Principal Witness
Chapter IX. In Which I Meet Other Great Men
Chapter X. I Meet President van Buren and Am Cross-Examined by Mr. Grimshaw
Chapter XI. A Party and--My Fourth Peril?
Chapter XII. The Spirit of Michael Henry and Others
Chapter XIII. The Thing and Other Things
Chapter XIV. The Bolt Falls
Book Three: Which is the Story of the Chosen Ways
Chapter XV. Uncle Peabody's Way and Mine
Chapter XVI. I Use My Own Compass at a Fork in the Road
Chapter XVII. The Man with the Scythe
Chapter XVIII. I Start in a Long Way
Chapter XIX. On the Summit

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