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The Brothers Karamazov
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Part I.
Book I: The History of a Family
Chapter 1: Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov
Chapter 2: He Gets Rid of His Eldest Son
Chapter 3: The Second Marriage and the Second Family
Chapter 4: The Third Son, Alyosha
Chapter 5: Elders
Book II: An Unfortunate Gathering
Chapter 1: They Arrive at the Monastery
Chapter 2: The Old Buffoon
Chapter 3: Peasant Women Who Have Faith
Chapter 4: A Lady of Little Faith
Chapter 5: So Be It! So Be It!
Chapter 6: Why Is Such a Man Alive?
Chapter 7: A Young Man Bent on a Career
Chapter 8: The Scandalous Scene
Book III: The Sensualists
Chapter 1: In the Servants' Quarters
Chapter 2: Lizaveta
Chapter 3: The Confession of a Passionate Heart -- in Verse
Chapter 4: The Confession of a Passionate Heart -- In Anecdote
Chapter 5: The Confession of a Passionate Heart -- "Heels Up"
Chapter 6: Smerdyakov
Chapter 7: The Controversy
Chapter 8: Over the Brandy
Chapter 9: The Sensualists
Chapter 10: Both Together
Chapter 11: Another Reputation Ruined
Part II.
Book IV: Lacerations
Chapter 1: Father Ferapont
Chapter 2: t His Father's
Chapter 3: A Meeting with the Schoolboys
Chapter 4: At the Hohlakovs'
Chapter 5: A Laceration in the Drawing-Room
Chapter 6: A Laceration in the Cottage
Chapter 7: And in the Open Air
Book V: Pro and Contra
Chapter 1: The Engagement
Chapter 2: Smerdyakov with a Guitar
Chapter 3: The Brothers Make Friends
Chapter 4: Rebellion
Chapter 5: The Grand Inquisitor
Chapter 6: For Awhile a Very Obscure One
Chapter 7: "It's Always Worth While Speaking to a Clever Man"
Book VI: The Russian Monk
Chapter 1: Father Zossima and His Visitors
Chapter 2: Recollections of Father Zossima's Youth before he became a Monk. The Duel
Chapter 3: Conversations and Exhortations of Father Zossima. The Russian Monk and his possible Significance.
Part III.
Book VII: Alyosha
Chapter 1: The Breath of Corruption
Chapter 2: A Critical Moment
Chapter 3: An Onion
Chapter 4: Cana of Galilee
Book VIII: Mitya
Chapter 1: Kuzma Samsonov
Chapter 2: Lyagavy
Chapter 3: Gold Mines
Chapter 4: In the Dark
Chapter 5: A Sudden Resolution
Chapter 6: "I Am Coming, Too!"
Chapter 7: The First and Rightful Lover
Chapter 8: Delirium
Book IX: The Preliminary Investigation
Chapter 1: The Beginning of Perhotin's Official Career
Chapter 2: The Alarm
Chapter 3: The Sufferings of a Soul. The First Ordeal
Chapter 4: The Second Ordeal
Chapter 5: The Third Ordeal
Chapter 6: The Prosecutor Catches Mitya
Chapter 7: Mitya's Great Secret Received with Hisses
Chapter 8: The Evidences of the Witnesses. The Babe
Chapter 9: They Carry Mitya Away
Part IV.
Book X: The Boys
Chapter 1: Kolya Krassotkin
Chapter 2: Children
Chapter 3: The Schoolboy
Chapter 4: The Lost Dog
Chapter 5: By Ilusha's Bedside
Chapter 6: Precocity
Chapter 7: Ilusha
Book XI: Ivan
Chapter 1: At Grushenka's
Chapter 2: The Injured Foot
Chapter 3: A Little Demon
Chapter 4: A Hymn and a Secret
Chapter 5: Not You, Not You!
Chapter 6: The First Interview with Smerdyakov
Chapter 7: The Second Visit to Smerdyakov
Chapter 8: The Third and Last Interview with Smerdyakov
Chapter 9: The Devil. Ivan's Nightmare
Chapter 10: "It Was He Who Said That"
Book XII: A Judicial Error
Chapter 1: The Fatal Day
Chapter 2: Dangerous Witnesses
Chapter 3: The Medical Experts and a Pound of Nuts
Chapter 4: Fortune Smiles on Mitya
Chapter 5: A Sudden Catastrophe
Chapter 6: The Prosecutor's Speech. Sketches of Character
Chapter 7: An Historical Survey
Chapter 8: A Treatise on Smerdyakov
Chapter 9: The Galloping Troika. The End of the Prosecutor's Speech
Chapter 10: The Speech for the Defence. An Argument that Cuts Both Ways
Chapter 11: There Was No Money. There Was No Robbery
Chapter 12: And There Was No Murder Either
Chapter 13: A Corrupter of Thought
Epilogue. Chapter 3: Ilusha's Funeral. The Speech at the Stone

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