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The Hohenzollerns in America
by Stephen Leacock
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I.--The Hohenzollerns in America
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
II.--With the Bolsheviks in Berlin
III.--Afternoon Tea with the Sultan
IV.--Echoes of the War
1.--The Boy Who Came Back
2.--The War Sacrifices of Mr. Spugg
3.--If Germany Had Won
4.--War and Peace at the Galaxy Club
5.--The War News as I Remember it
6.--Some Just Complaints About the War
7.--Some Startling Side Effects of the War
V.--Other Impossibilities
1.--The Art of Conversation
2.--Heroes and Heroines
3.--The Discovery of America; Being Done into Moving Pictures and Out Again
4.--Politics from Within
5.--The Lost Illusions of Mr. Sims
6.--Fetching the Doctor: From Recollections of Childhood in the Canadian Countryside

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