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The Weavers
by Gilbert Parker
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Book I
Chapter I. As the Spirit Moved
Chapter II. The Gates of the World
Chapter III. Banished
Chapter IV. The Call
Book II
Chapter V. The Wider Way
Chapter VI. "Hast Thou Never Killed a Man?"
Chapter VII. The Compact
Chapter VIII. For His Soul's Sake and the Land's Sake
Chapter IX. The Letter, the Night, and the Woman
Chapter X. The Four Who Knew
Chapter XI. Against the Hour of Midnight
Chapter XII. The Jehad and the Lions
Chapter XIII. Achmet the Ropemaker Strikes
Chapter XIV. Beyond the Pale
Book III
Chapter XV. Soolsby's Hand Upon the Curtain
Chapter XVI. The Debt and the Accounting
Chapter XVII. The Woman of the Cross-Roads
Chapter XVIII. Time, the Idol-Breaker
Chapter XIX. Sharper Than a Sword
Chapter XX. Each After His Own Order
Chapter XXI. "There is Nothing Hidden Which Shall not be Revealed"
Chapter XXII. As in a Glass Darkly
Chapter XXIII. The Tents of Cushan
Chapter XXIV. The Questioner
Chapter XXV. The Voice Through the Door
Chapter XXVI. "I Owe You Nothing"
Chapter XXVII. The Awakening
Book IV
Chapter XXVIII. Nahoum Turns the Screw
Chapter XXIX. The Recoil
Chapter XXX. Lacey Moves
Chapter XXXI. The Struggle in the Desert
Chapter XXXII. Forty Stripes Save One
Chapter XXXIII. The Dark Indenture
Chapter XXXIV. Nahoum Drops the Mask
Book V
Chapter XXXV. The Flight of the Wounded
Chapter XXXVI. "Is it Always So--in Life?"
Chapter XXXVII. The Flying Shuttle
Chapter XXXVIII. Jasper Kimber Speaks
Chapter XXXIX. Faith Journeys to London
Book VI
Chapter XL. Hylda Seeks Nahoum
Chapter XLI. In the Land of Shinar
Chapter XLII. The Loom of Destiny

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