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The Green Eyes of Bast
by Sax Rohmer
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Chapter I. I See the Eyes
Chapter II. The Sign of the Cat
Chapter III. The Green Image
Chapter IV. Isobel
Chapter V. The Interrupted Supper
Chapter VI. The Voice
Chapter VII. The Cat of Bubastis
Chapter VIII. My Visitor
Chapter IX. The Velvet Curtain
Chapter X. "Hanging Evidence"
Chapter XI. The Scarred Man
Chapter XII. I Dream of Green Eyes
Chapter XIII. Dr. Damar Greefe
Chapter XIV. The Black Doctor
Chapter XV. I Receive Visitors
Chapter XVI. The Golden Cat
Chapter XVII. The Nubian Mute
Chapter XVIII. The Secret of Friar's Park
Chapter XIX. The Man on the Tower
Chapter XX. Gatton's Story
Chapter XXI. In London Again
Chapter XXII. The Gray Mist
Chapter XXIII. The Inevitable
Chapter XXIV. A Conference--Interrupted
Chapter XXV. Statement of Damar Greefe, M.D.
Chapter XXVI. Statement of Dr. Damar Greefe (Continued)
Chapter XXVII. Statement of Dr. Damar Greefe (Concluded)
Chapter XXVIII. The Claws of the Cat
Chapter XXIX. An Afterword

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