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The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu
by Sax Rohmer
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Chapter I. A Midnight Summons
Chapter II. Eltham Vanishes
Chapter III. The Wire Jacket
Chapter IV. The Cry of a Nighthawk
Chapter V. The Net
Chapter VI. Under the Elms
Chapter VII. Enter Mr. Abel Slattin
Chapter VIII. Dr. Fu-Manchu Strikes
Chapter IX. The Climber
Chapter X. The Climber Returns
Chapter XI. The White Peacock
Chapter XII. Dark Eyes Looked into Mine
Chapter XIII. The Sacred Order
Chapter XIV. The Coughing Horror
Chapter XV. Bewitchment
Chapter XVI. The Questing Hands
Chapter XVII. One Day in Rangoon
Chapter XVIII. The Silver Buddha
Chapter XIX. Dr. Fu-Manchu's Laboratory
Chapter XX. The Cross Bar
Chapter XXI. Cragmire Tower
Chapter XXII. The Mulatto
Chapter XXIII. A Cry on the Moor
Chapter XXIV. Story of the Gables
Chapter XXV. The Bells
Chapter XXVI. The Fiery Hand
Chapter XXVII. The Night of the Raid
Chapter XXVIII. The Samurai's Sword
Chapter XXIX. The Six Gates
Chapter XXX. The Call of the East
Chapter XXXI. "My Shadow Lies Upon You"
Chapter XXXII. The Tragedy
Chapter XXXIII. The Mummy

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