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The Guardian Angel
by Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Chapter I. An Advertisement.
Chapter II. Great Excitement
Chapter III. Antecedents.
Chapter IV. Byles Gridley, A. M.
Chapter V. The Twins.
Chapter VI. The Use of Spectacles.
Chapter VII. Myrtle's Letter--The Young Men's Pursuit.
Chapter VIII. Down the River.
Appendix to Chapter VIII. Myrtle Hazard's Statement.
Chapter IX. Mr. Clement Lindsay Receives a Letter, and Begins His Answer.
Chapter X. Mr. Clement Lindsay Finishes His Letter--What Came of It.
Chapter XI. Vexed with a Devil.
Chapter XII. Skirmishing.
Chapter XIII. Battle.
Chapter XIV. Flank Movement.
Chapter XV. Arrival of Reinforcements.
Chapter XVI. Victory.
Chapter XVII. Saint and Sinner
Chapter XVIII. Village Poet.
Chapter XIX. Susan's Young Man.
Chapter XX. The Second Meeting.
Chapter XXI. Madness?
Chapter XXII. A Change of Programme.
Chapter XXIII. Myrtle Hazard at the City School.
Chapter XXIV. Mustering of Forces.
Chapter XXV. The Poet and the Publisher.
Chapter XXVI. Mrs. Clymer Ketchum's Party.
Chapter XXVII. Mine and Countermine.
Chapter XXVIII. Mr. Bradshaw Calls on Miss Badlam
Chapter XXIX. Mistress Kitty Fagan Calls on Master Byles Gridley.
Chapter XXX. Master Byles Gridley Calls on Miss Cynthia Badlam.
Chapter XXXI. Master Byles Gridley Consults with Jacob Penhallow, Esquire
Chapter XXXII. Susan Posey's Trial.
Chapter XXXIII. Just as You Expected.
Chapter XXXIV. Murray Bradshaw Plays His Last Card.
Chapter XXXV. The Spotted Paper.
Chapter XXXVI. Conclusion.

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