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Witness For The Defense
by A.E.W. Mason
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Chapter I. Henry Thresk
Chapter II. On Bignor Hill
Chapter III. In Bombay
Chapter IV. Jane Repton
Chapter V. The Quest
Chapter VI. In the Tent At Chitiptur
Chapter VII. The Photograph
Chapter VIII. And the Rifle
Chapter IX. An Episode in Ballantyne's Life
Chapter X. News From Chitipur
Chapter XI. Thresk Intervenes
Chapter XII. Thresk Gives Evidence
Chapter XIII. Little Beeding Again
Chapter XIV. The Hazlewoods
Chapter XV. The Great Crusade
Chapter XVI. Consequences
Chapter XVII. Trouble for Mr. Hazlewood
Chapter XVIII. Mr. Hazlewood Seeks Advice
Chapter XIX. Pettifer's Plan
Chapter XX. On the Downs
Chapter XXI. The Letter Is Written
Chapter XXII. A Way Out of the Trap
Chapter XXIII. Methods From France
Chapter XXIV. The Witness
Chapter XXV. In the Library
Chapter XXVI. Two Strangers
Chapter XXVII. The Verdict

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