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I Will Repay!
by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
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Prologue: Paris: 1783
Prologue Part II
Chapter I: Paris: 1793 - The Outrage
Chapter II: Citizen Deputy
Chapter III: Hospitality
Chapter IV: The Faithful House-dog
Chapter V: A Day In The Woods
Chapter VI: The Scarlet Pimpernel
Chapter VII: A Warning
Chapter VIII: Anne Mie
Chapter IX: Jealousy
Chapter X: Denunciation
Chapter XI: "Vengeance Is Mine"
Chapter XII: The Sword Of Damocles
Chapter XIII: Tangled Meshes
Chapter XIV: A Happy Moment
Chapter XV: Detected
Chapter XVI: Under Arrest
Chapter XVII: Atonement
Chapter XVIII: In The Luxembourg Prison
Chapter XIX: Complexities
Chapter XX: The Cheval Borgne
Chapter XXI: A Jacobin Orator
Chapter XXII: The Close Of Day
Chapter XXIII: Justice
Chapter XXIV: The Trial Of Juliette
Chapter XXV: The Defence
Chapter XXVI: Sentence Of Death
Chapter XXVII: The Fructidor Riots
Chapter XXVIII: The Unexpected
Chapter XXIX: Père Lachaise
Chapter XXX: Conclusion

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