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The Laughing Cavalier
by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
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An Apology
The Prologue
The Prologue Part 2
Chapter I. New Year's Eve
Chapter II. The Fracas by the Postern Gate
Chapter III. An Interlude
Chapter IV. Watch-night
Chapter V. Brother and Sister
Chapter VI. The Counsels of Prudence
Chapter VII. Three Philosophers and Their Friends
Chapter VIII. The Lodgings Which Were Paid for
Chapter IX. The Painter Of Pictures
Chapter X. The Laughing Cavalier
Chapter XI. The Bargain
Chapter XII. The Portrait
Chapter XIII. The Spanish Wench
Chapter XIV. After Evensong
Chapter XV. The Halt At Bennebrock
Chapter XVI. Leyden
Chapter XVII. An Understanding
Chapter XVIII. The Start
Chapter XIX. In The Kingdom Of The Night
Chapter XX. Back Again in Haarlem
Chapter XXI. A Grief-stricken Father
Chapter XXII. A Double Pledge
Chapter XXIII. A Spy From the Camp
Chapter XXIV. The Birth of Hate
Chapter XXV. An Arrant Knave
Chapter XXVI. Back to Houdekerk
Chapter XXVIII. Check
Chapter XXIX. Check Again
Chapter XXX. A Nocturne
Chapter XXXI. The Molens
Chapter XXXII. A Run Through the Night
Chapter XXXIII. The Captive Lion
Chapter XXXIV. Protestations
Chapter XXXV. The Witness for the Defence

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