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by Booth Tarkington
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Chapter I. William
Chapter II. The Unknown
Chapter III. The Painful Age
Chapter IV. Genesis and Clematis
Chapter V. Sorrows Within a Boiler
Chapter VI. Truculence
Chapter VII. Mr. Baxter's Evening Clothes
Chapter VIII. Jane
Chapter IX. Little Sisters Have Big Ears
Chapter X. Mr. Parcher and Love
Chapter XI. Beginning a True Friendship
Chapter XII. Progress of the Symptoms
Chapter XIII. At Home to His Friends
Chapter XIV. Time Does Fly
Chapter XV. Romance of Statistics
Chapter XVI. The Shower
Chapter XVII. Jane's Theory
Chapter XVIII. The Big, Fat Lummox
Chapter XIX. “I Dunno Why It Is”
Chapter XX. Sydney Carton
Chapter XXI. My Little Sweethearts
Chapter XXII. Foreshadowings
Chapter XXIII. Fathers Forget
Chapter XXIV. Clothes Make the Man
Chapter XXV. Youth and Mr. Parcher
Chapter XXVI. Miss Boke
Chapter XXVII. Marooned
Chapter XXVIII. Rannie Kirsted
Chapter XXIX. “Don't Forget!”
Chapter XXX. The Bride-to-be

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