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The Gentleman From Indiana
by Booth Tarkington
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I. The Young Man Who Came to Stay
II. The Strange Lady
III. Lonesomeness
IV. The Walrus and the Carpenter
V. At the Pasture Bars: Elder-bushes May Have Stings
VI. June
VII. Morning: “Some in Rags and Some in Tags and Some in Velvet Gowns”
VIII. Glad Afternoon: the Girl by the Blue Tent-pole
IX. Night: It Is Bad Luck to Sing Before Breakfast
X. The Court-house Bell
XI. John Brown's Body
XII. Jerry the Teller
XIII. James Fisbee
XIV. A Rescue
XV. Nettles
XVI. Pretty Marquise
XVII. Helen's Toast
XVIII. The Treachery of H. Fisbee
XIX. The Great Harkless Comes Home

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