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The Two Vanrevels
by Booth Tarkington
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I. A Cat Can Do More Than Look at a King
II. Surviving Evils of the Reign of Terror
III. The Rogue's Gallery of a Father Should Be Exhibited to a Daughter with Particular Care
IV. “But Spare Your Country's Flag”
V. Nero Not the Last Violinist of His Kind
VI. The Ever Unpractical Feminine
VII. The Comedian
VIII. A Tale of a Political Difference
IX. The Rule of the Regent
X. Echoes of a Serenade
XI. A Voice in a Garden
XII. The Room in the Cupola
XIII. The Tocsin
XIV. The Firm of Gray and Vanrevel
XV. When June Came
XVI. "Those Endearing Young Charms"
XVII. The Price of Silence
XVIII. The Uniform
XIX. The Flag Goes Marching By
XX. "Goodby"

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