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The Burning Spear
by John Galsworthy
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I. The Hero
II. The Valet
III. Mr. Lavender Addresses a Crowd of Huns
IV. Into the Dangers of a Public Life
V. Is Convicted of a New Disease
VI. Makes a Mistake, and Meets a Moon-cat
VII. Sees an Editor, and Finds a Farmer
VIII. Starves Some Germans
IX. Converses With a Conscientious Objector
X. Dreams a Dream and Sees a Vision
XI. Breaks Up a Peace Meeting
XII. Speeds Up Transport, and Sees a Doctor
XIII. Addresses Some Soldiers on Their Future
XIV. Endeavours to Intern a German
XVI. Fights the Fight of Faith
XVII. Addresses the Clouds
XVIII. Sees Truth Face to Face
XIX. Is in Peril of the Street
XX. Receives a Revelation
XXI. And Ascends to Paradise

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