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The Island Pharisees
by John Galsworthy
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Part I. The Town
Chapter I. Society
Chapter II. Antonia
Chapter III. A Zoological Garden
Chapter IV. The Play
Chapter V. The Good Citizen
Chapter VI. Marriage Settlement
Chapter VII. The Club
Chapter VIII. The Wedding
Chapter IX. The Dinner
Chapter X. An Alien
Chapter XI. The Vision
Chapter XII. Rotten Row
Chapter XIII. An "At Home"
Chapter XIV. The Night Club
Chapter XV. Pole to Pole
Part II. The Country
Chapter XVI. The Indian Civilian
Chapter XVII. A Parson
Chapter XVIII. Academic
Chapter XIX. An Incident
Chapter XX. Holm Oaks
Chapter XXI. English
Chapter XXII. The Country House
Chapter XXIII. The Stained-glass Man
Chapter XXIV. Paradise
Chapter XXV. The Ride
Chapter XXVI. The Bird 'Of Passage
Chapter XXVII. Sub Rosa
Chapter XXVIII. The River
Chapter XXIX. On the Wing
Chapter XXX. The Lady From Beyond
Chapter XXXI. The Storm
Chapter XXXII. Wilderness
Chapter XXXIII. The End

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