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The Man of Property
by John Galsworthy
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Part I.
Chapter I. 'At Home' At Old Jolyon's
Chapter II. Old Jolyon Goes to the Opera
Chapter III. Dinner At Swithin's
Chapter IV. Projection of the House
Chapter V. A Forsyte Menage
Chapter VI. James At Large
Chapter VII. Old Jolyon's Peccadillo
Chapter VIII. Plans of the House
Chapter IX. Death of Aunt Ann
Part II.
Chapter I. Progress of the House
Chapter II. June's Treat
Chapter III. Drive With Swithin
Chapter IV. James Goes to See for Himself
Chapter V. Soames and Bosinney Correspond
Chapter VI. Old Jolyon At the Zoo
Chapter VII. Afternoon At Timothy's
Chapter VIII. Dance At Roger's
Chapter IX. Evening At Richmond
Chapter X. Diagnosis of a Forsyte
Chapter XI. Bosinney on Parole
Chapter XII. June Pays Some Calls
Chapter XIII. Perfection of the House
Chapter XIV. Soames Sits on the Stairs
Part III.
Chapter I. Mrs. Macander's Evidence
Chapter II. Night in the Park
Chapter III. Meeting At the Botanical
Chapter IV. Voyage Into the Inferno
Chapter V. The Trial
Chapter VI. Soames Breaks the News
Chapter VII. June's Victory
Chapter VIII. Bosinney's Departure
Chapter IX. Irene's Return

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